Thursday, 22 December 2011

ImageArt : Your stop to Image Editing By TechInHand 


ImageArt is an image editing application, which offers a decent set of tools and filters to edit an existing image or create a new image. Users can edit an image taken from the iPhone camera or from the library.

Please watch the following brief tutorial demonstrating a few features of the application.

This video is intended to demonstrate a few features of the "imageArt" iPhone Application.

List of Filters offered by the application are:

1. Grey Scale
2. Threshold
3. Contrast
4. Equalize
5. Posterize
6. Solarize
7. Mask
8. Embossing
9. Channels Mixer
10. Brightness
11. Negative
12. Sepia
13. Rescale
14. RGB Controller
15. Color Channels
16. Noise
17. Sharpen
18. Blur

To make effective use of filters, following tools are provided:

1. Selection Tool
2. Custom Select
3. Text Writer
4. Freehand
5. Gradient
6. Resize

Both Selection Tool and Custom Select allow the user to select an area of the image. Using Selection Tool user can select a rectangular area of the image while Custom Select allows the user to select an area in any shape. User can then modify that area through diverse filters or crop that area. Almost each filter has its controlling parameters to let the user adjust them. A preview of the result is shown before its application on the image. User can undo any action to revert back to previous state. Final image can be saved to library or it can be emailed.

Text Writer provides the functionality to write anything anywhere on the image in the desired font, size and style. The text will become a part of the image.

Freehand let the user to draw anything on the image.

Using Resize, one can resize the image in the desired size.

The Application provides social connectivity by allowing user to share the image with their friends on Facebook.

Please help us to improve it by providing your valuable suggestions and feedback.